Coming to a Gym Near You

When I started this journey, I wasn’t sure how I could make it happen. However, with a lot of faith, a ton of hustle, and a little luck, here we are. I created a special list of gyms – gyms that are different from all others, created by people that want to offer a place for people to train, encourage, teach, motivate, and become family. I’m sure the list of gyms will grow and change, but the overall reason and desire to visit remains the same: to create an environment where a group of people can congregate to push each other to be better! Day by day, week by week, just better.

With regard to The Loray Athletic Club, I want to provide a unique, inviting facility, that creates and maintains an environment conducive to everyone’s success. Our training staff sets the tone, but it’s the members that really push each other and create the family atmosphere. My guess is that all of the gyms I visit will have a little “special sauce”, and the people that own, manage, and work at these facilities make them so special, but the only way to know for sure is to go see for myself. With the exception of Gold’s Gym Venice Beach, I don’t currently plan to visit any corporately owned facilities. For the most part, the gyms on my list will be privately owned and unique.

The first stop on my tour was Bev Francias Powerhouse Gym
– number of members… 1200
– Number of trainers … 10 (none are on staff)
– Monthly cost for membership and training $80/mo or 550/yr(45/mo)
My experience….
My experience at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym was amazing! You could hear the weights clanging from the parking lot. Lord have mercy I was at home. I didn’t take a lot of pictures as there were many people there working out, and I wanted to respect everyone’s privacy. I spent over an hour asking questions that were met with unbelievable patience and just open arms. Gym people generally get along with gym people, but I do think this experience is directly associated with it being a privately-owned facility. I found myself chatting it up with Louie Tangredi (manger here for the last 16 years), Top ranked 202 Pro Bodybuilder Kevin English (who graciously answered all of my questions about their history, member retention, growth, and even provided advice for us at LAC) , the owners, past and current pro bodybuilder. I also found myself in the way of a photo shoot with 2016 Arnold Classic winner Kai Greene (literally hitting delts side by side), just amazing. And again, I was welcomed in as a regular member.

I’m sure it helped I “know my way around the gym”, but most importantly I was made to feel right at home. Doesn’t matter the gym, we bang and clang every chance we get. Today I hit shoulders, did some delt work, hypertrophy shoulder presses, bis, and tris. I was happy to just spend time at this amazing facility. Powerhouse, I’ll be back! I of course couldn’t be in NYC without visiting my nephew Logan!